ONLINE AUCTION – Sail on board the DRAKEN!


Did you ever dream of sailing on a Viking Ship or being part of the crew? Well now is your chance!
Bid on your opportunity to set sail on the waters aboard the Draken. Climb aboard the Draken Harald Hårfagre and discover your #VikingSpirit

Crew Position entails:
Standing a watch rotation which consists of being on duty for 4 hours and then off duty for 8 hours, on duty for 4 hours and off duty for 8 hours. This system repeats itself while the ship is out at sea until the vessel arrives at its destination. During situations such as setting or taking in sail often the entire crew is needed for this task and those who are off watch sleeping are woken up to assist with this maneuver.

The sailing duties on board consist of:
-steering the ship at the helm
-standing bow watch looking for obstructions such as rocks and other vessels the ship could collide with
-all sailing handling necessary to keep this ship on a proper course *this is a very physical job- Individuals should be able to lift at least 50lbs and be fine with existing in the elements for a couple days
-helping staff with maintenance projects
-helping galley crew cook or clean dishes
-cleaning of the vessel

This trip is truly for the adventurous!




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