Plymouth Lobster Crawl

lobstercrawlfinalxwhitebackgroundThe Plymouth Area Chamber of Commerce is proud to present the Lobster Crawl, a major public arts, tourism, and charitable event that will be displayed throughout the Waterfront & Downtown, Plymouth (with additional statues throughout Plymouth and surrounding communities).

15349605_209994552742148_345183563571182886_nThe Lobster Crawl will feature 29 unique structures measuring 5 feet tall. The fiberglass structures are sponsored by local businesses and organizations; each will be custom designed and hand painted by local artists

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When visiting each Lobster you are encouraged to post your photos on your social media channels. Be sure to use #PlymouthLobsterCrawl when doing so.


The Plymouth Lobster Crawl Map is your guide to the crawl. lobster-reveal-19Locations, business sponsors and artists information can be found here. Be sure to print yours before heading out on the crawl. Coming in August- Maps will also be located free of charge at the Plymouth Area Chamber of Commerce-134 Court St. Plymouth, The Water Street Information Center and the Route 3, Exit 5 Information Center.

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