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Plymouth Scallop Shell

The Plymouth Area Chamber of Commerce is proud to present the Plymouth Scallop Roll, a major public arts, tourism, and charitable event that will be displayed throughout the Waterfront & Downtown, Plymouth (with additional statues throughout Plymouth), communities).

The Plymouth Scallop Roll features 29 unique fiberglass structures measuring 4 feet tall. These beautiful shells are sponsored by local businesses and organizations; and custom designed and hand painted by local artists.

The scallop was selected for this year’s campaign because of its symbolism for pilgrimage. Artwork of the shell can even be found on local headstones dating back as early as 1681. The old granite portico covering Plymouth Rock included sculpted scallops; which can be found at the National Monument to the Forefathers on Allerton Street. The Scallop Shells will give a welcome to all visitors near and far to tour the Scallop Roll.

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When visiting each Scallop Shell you are encouraged to post your photos on your social media channels. Be sure to use #PlymouthScallopRoll when doing so.

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Location maps are free of charge at the Plymouth Area Chamber of Commerce-100 Armstrong Road, Suite 204 Plymouth, The Water Street Information Center and the Route 3, Exit 5 Information Center.

Plymouth Lobster Crawl

The Plymouth Area Chamber’s first major public art display was the Plymouth Lobster Crawl.  This public art display played a significant role creating a positive economic impact on the towns tourism, enhancing the art and culture and wayfinding initiatives as well as education, employment and media attention.  The Town hosted 29 in total – 5 ft fiberglass sculptures of lobsters decorated/painted by local artists and sponsored by local businesses, and then put on display throughout Plymouth.  All of the lobsters featured unique designs specific to our local culture or other relevant themes.  The exhibition lasted 29 months and were auctioned off to local residents and businesses.  Proceeds from the auction have gone to create the Scallop Roll.  The Chamber’s second public art display.